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Woodworking row drilling

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  • Woodworking rig
  • CNC Sound Absorber Drilling Machine
  • Hinge machine

Product Name:73228 Woodworking Eight Row Drill

Product description:

Product Name:MZK7626 Sound Absorber Drilling Machine

Product description:        Main technical parameters:Motor power: 24KWWorking oil pressure: 0.6-0.8 MPAMaximum Processing Specification: 2440*1220mmDrilling de…

Product Name:73032 double-head hinge drill

Product description:Professional production of woodworking machinery row drilling, from single row to six rows of conventional row drilling, from four rows to t…

  • Multi-head drilling and milling machine
  • Automatic edge sealing machine
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Pusher drill

Product Name:MX6414s grooving machine

Product description: Specializing in the production of woodworking machinery row drilling machine, hinge drilling machine, drilling and milling machine, sound a…

Product Name:XH-650 Edge Sealer

Product description:The company specializes in the production of woodworking platoon drilling rig, edge sealing machine, pusher saw, hinge drilling machine, sou…

Product Name:3KW Vacuum Cleaner

Product description: Main technical parameters:Motor power: 3KWScope of Work: Board Furniture, Solid Wood FurnitureSize: 800*400*1500mm

Product Name:MJ6128B push saw

Product description:      Specializing in the production of woodworking machinery row drilling machine, sound absorption board drilling machine, hinge drilling …

Strong enterprise strength, give you confidence

The company integrates advanced technology and experience at home and abroad into a professional production enterprise integrating product research and development, design, production, sales and service. Over the years, it has continued to provide customers with better quality products.

Wide range of applications

The company has perfect and strict quality management system and team, and introduces advanced management and excellent technical personnel, strives for excellence in product quality and strictly enforces national standards. With the characteristics of reliable quality, good reputation, price of domestic machine and quality of imported machine, the products sell well in many areas at home and abroad.

Efficient production efficiency, let you worry

With its high precision (+0.02mm) stability, safe operation, zero accident benefit, high output and large effect, the newly developed product has a rapid response mechanism. It can improve the product according to the customer's needs, make the design more humanized and let the customer use it more perfectly.

The most cost-effective price, let you be moved

Our products guarantee more than 20 years of life, enjoy life-long parity spare parts and maintenance after-sale batch production, low cost, manufacturer direct sales, first-hand supply, no intermediate link, parity sales for you to save money.。

Perfect after-sales service system, reassure you

Professional team provides strong R&D capabilities, and can customize various products according to customer requirements. Strong after-sales team, to provide customers with nanny-style after-sales service.
7 * 24 hours fast response, timely solution to all problems for you. If quality problems arise, our company will solve them in the fastest and shortest time.

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Leading industry first-class technology     Creating a New Era of Woodworking Machinery Consultation Hotline:0757-27882832
About us
Woodworking Draft Drilling Woodworking Draft Drilling Plant - Longzhijie Woodworking Machinery Co., Ltd. Shunde District, Foshan City
Longzhijie Woodworking Machinery Factory is a modern enterprise integrating professional production and sales. It specializes in R&D, production and marketing of various multi-axis woodworking series drilling machines, which are mainly made of board furniture.Woodworking row drillingOur factory has high-precision production, testing equipment and a large number of high-quality professional and technical personnel. Products are widely distributed in furniture and other woodworking products manufacturing enterprises in the north and south of the Yangtze River, which are highly praised by industry insiders; enterprises continue to grow rapidly.
Our factory adheres to the production purpose of "striving for survival by quality and gaining market by small profits"; and ensures that every product required by customers is produced with the most exquisite manufacturing technology, the most scientific manufacturing process and the most advanced testing technology.;
To thank the vast number of users for their support! Our service commitment is: customer is God, quality is God's requirement.

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Woodworking Draft Drilling Woodworking Draft Drilling Plant - Longzhijie Woodworking Machinery Co., Ltd. Shunde District, Foshan City
address:Shundelunjiao Old Sheep Eye Ferry in Foshan City

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